-Excerpt from the book, The Book of Roger, "His Adventure and Discovery of Cruiser 5.0"

This is Kyle's first book of his series and is geared for the YA genre. He is a father of 6 and loves to tell his kids stories and adventures in the world they live in. His ideas and storytelling are unique and  pull you into his world of technology and ideas. This story will entertain both young and old alike.

Meet Kyle R. Smith

Roger’s head came up as he looked at his dad. “I’m freaking out right now, how is this possible?”

"I know, it's crazy isn't it son." He then continued the story of how his older brother died and the small metal box he left for him.

See Kyle interviewed about "The Book of Roger" on ABC15 TV.

The Book of Roger"His Adventure and Discovery of Cruiser 5.0"