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The Russians are after him and he doesn’t even know it. Roger Dexter discovers an invention that will change his life forever. This invention was left behind by his older brother Randy, who was an advanced inventor and died a year earlier in a tragic accident. Randy was keeping this mysterious secret invention and others hidden before his death. But when Roger and his best friends Maxine (Max) and Aaron start to find out more about them and search for answers, they get thrown into a world that would blow their minds.

Roger discovers a small flying robot that was created by his brother. It helps him and his friends discover one of Randy’s biggest projects, Cruiser 5.0. They are astounded with what the device can really do when it interacts with electricity. The three friends soon learn that the inventions are also being sought after by wealthy Russian business men who will stop at nothing to have them.

        -- Book 2 --

"Cruiser 5.2 and Beyond" (December 2017)

        -- Book 1 --

"His Adventure and Discovery of Cruiser 5.0"

Release Feb 2015

The book series works from The Book of Roger:

Featured Author: Kyle R. Smith

The Book of Roger first came to my mind when I was given an English assignment in 10th grade. From there the first draft was created and stored for years. I took the idea and began to build on it after telling parts of the story to a bored youth class that I was teaching. When this class of middle grade kids perked up and I had their attention, I dove into telling them about my character Roger and parts of his story.

They loved him and urged for more stories every time we met. This inspired me to write this series and tell the whole story of Roger that I wrote for the Young Adult genre.

The Book of Roger"His Adventure and Discovery of Cruiser 5.0"